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Remote Online Notarizations (R.O.N.)

Remote Online Notarizations (R.O.N.)

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Remote Online Notarization – R.O.N. – This type of notarization may be performed by Montana notaries beginning October 1, 2019.  The most unique element of R.O.N. is that the signer and the notary appear to one another by means of communications technology – live, two-way, audio-visual transmission. The notary must be physically located in Montana; the signer can be anywhere in the world. R.O.N. involves:

  • Personal appearance via communication technology of the signer(s) and the notary
  • Electronic document
  • Digital signatures of the signer and the notary
  • Digital notary seal

***The first e-notarization is included in your R.O.N. package.***

Our services allow for a secure and seamless signing process, so you can easily sign documents from anywhere. No more waiting for agents to arrive and signatures to be notarized. Our Remote Online services provide the convenience to complete documents from anywhere. We use secure technology to authenticate and deliver documents, guaranteeing speed and accuracy for every transaction. 

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