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Remote Ink Notarizations (R.I.N.)

Remote Ink Notarizations (R.I.N.)

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Remote Ink Notarization (R.I.N.) – Montana and Wyoming are two of only four states currently that allow the remote notarization of tangible documents.  

The notary must be physically located in Montana or Wyoming; the signer can be anywhere in the world. Remote notarization involves:

  • Personal appearance via communication technology of the signer(s) and the notary
  • Paper (tangible) document, which has been signed and subsequently delivered to the notary (the notary has the actual signed document)
  • Wet signatures of the signer and the notary
  • Ink impression of the notary’s seal/stamp
  • Acknowledgments are the only notarial act that can be performed in this manner

 ***The first e-notarization is included in your Remote package.***

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